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FAQ - Why Tommy?

What is the lifetime guarantee?

This is a guarantee that all our products are free from defects in materials and workmanship. We individually check each item before sending them to our customers to ensure all our products meet our high standards of workmanship.

How big is Tommy?

Tommy is a big guy. He is 180cm tall and 100cm wide.

What other names does Tommy go by?

Tommy is sometimes known as a pestemal or peshtemal - the traditional name for a flat-woven towel used in the Turkish baths (Hammams). Tommy may also be referred to as a terry towel, beach towel or travel towel.

How will Tommy age?

Tommy becomes more refined with age. The more you use Tommy the softer and more absorbent he becomes. The strength of Turkish cotton and the traditional weaving technique means that Tommy will be your best friend for a very long time.

How is Tommy made?

Tommy is made using a traditional Turkish technique. Great care is taken throughout the entire process to ensure the best quality towel possible. From the harvesting of the cotton, to the natural dying process and the hand finished tassels - no shortcuts are taken when creating Tommy.

Where is Tommy from?

Tommy was carefully woven in Turkey, and proudly designed in Australia.

What is Tommy made from?

Tommy is made from 100% Premium Turkish Cotton. Turkish cotton is farmed in the Aegean region next to the Mediterranean Sea, making it the softest and most durable cotton available. Tommy’s extra-long Turkish cotton fibers make him stronger and softer than regular cotton beach towels. Tommy only uses natural, eco-friendly fabric dyes.

Is Tommy eco-friendly?

Tommy is an all-natural guy. No chemicals, synthetic dyes or pesticides – all 100% certified, Natural Turkish Cotton.

Who is Tommy?

Tommy is a 100% Premium Turkish Cotton towel. Tommy is soft, versatile, breathable, absorbent, lightweight and quick drying.Tommy will make special appearances around the country so follow our social media pages for updates.

FAQ - Using Tommy

Where can I use Tommy?

Tommy is an adventurous guy. Take him to the beach, travelling, gym, picnic or sauna. Tommy is the perfect friend for all occasions!

FAQ - Buying Tommy

Do you offer returns or exchanges?

No. Tommy is a loyal guy and is for keeps only.

Do you ship internationally?

No. At this stage Tommy is available to our Australian customers only.

How much does shipping cost?

Free shipping for all orders over $50!

How long does shipping take?

Shipping should take 3 - 5 business days.

Does Tommy offer gift cards?

Unfortunately not at this stage.

What method of payment can I use?

Paypal, Mastercard & Visa.

Where can I buy a Tommy Towel?

Tommy is available from our online store with free shipping to your doorstep.

FAQ - Caring for Tommy

How should I look after Tommy at the beach?

Tommy loves the beach, but he needs to be taken care of. After a day at the beach, rinse Tommy out in fresh water and hang him out to dry.

What should I do if Tommy pulls a thread?

A pulled loop will not unravel Tommy since he is a woven towel. If you pull a loop and a thread becomes loose, cut it off with a pair of sharp scissors. Tommy will forgive you.

How should I dry Tommy?

Tommy likes drip-drying best. He doesn’t like the hot tumble dryers on his little tassels! If you have to tumble dry (which can make Tommy extra cuddly and soft), keep it quick to prevent the dryer from damaging the integrity of the cotton.

How should I wash Tommy?

Tommy can be machine or hand washed in fresh water below 40° Celsius. Do not bleach Tommy. Avoid fabric softeners since they contain silicon and will make Tommy water repellant. Tommy likes all things natural.

Before using Tommy - IMPORTANT !!

Tommy needs to be washed 1 - 2 times in fresh water before use to make him as soft and absorbent as possible. This is due to a protective coating that is applied during the weaving process.