Turkish Cotton vs Egyptian Cotton March 28 2015

Tommy gets asked all the time:

Is Turkish Cotton or Egyptian Cotton better?


Tommy will fill you in on the details....

Egyptian Cotton

Egyptian cotton towels have long, dense threads which creates more surface area to pull moisture away from your body (awesome) while trapping the moisture and its warmth moisture at the same time (sometimes awesome...)

This makes Egyptian Cotton PERFECT for:

  1. Keeping towels plush, snuggly and extra soft
  2. Absorbing water off your dripping wet body
  3. Holding water like a desert camel
  4. Homes & hotels

An unfortunate side effect of Egyptian cotton towels is that if they aren't in a place where they can dry easily and quickly they start to smell a little funky!

Too much absorbency means that it can remain wet long after use, especially in humid climates (think South East Asia, Thailand, Vietnam, The Phillipines, Central America, Columbia, Venezuela....etc.)

This is because Egyptian Cotton absorbs soo much water and sometimes can’t dry fast enough, they might even become wet all by themselves!

 So what about Turkish Cotton?

Turkish Cotton

Turkish cotton is a long staple fiber that turns into in strong, smooth threads when spun (Tommy is a bit of a smooth operator....)

Initially it is less absorbent than other types of cotton, such as Egyptian cotton, yet it's ideal for some types of towels as it dries MUCH more quickly (and places where humidity is an issue, which makes it great for travel towels) and is a hardier and tougher cotton

Turkish cotton becomes softer, more absorbent after multiple washes and better with age (Tommy likes to think of himself as a fine wine…of the towel world)

So Turkish Cotton is ideally suited to towels which need to be lightweight, quick-drying and that stay fresh even when they can't be dried straight away.

So Turkish Cotton is ideally suited to travel towels, beach towels, yoga towels and gym towels!

 All of this makes Turkish cotton great for:

  1. A quick-drying towel
  2. A super-light towel (fibers aren't so tightly packed)
  3. Preventing mildew (eeeew!)
  4. Packing it away somewhere small (think beach bag or gym bag)

...so should I get Turkish Cotton or Egyptian Cotton?!

In the end, the decision to go with Turkish or Egyptian cotton turns to a matter of preference

So if you’re thinking of a great bath towel then Egyptian Cotton is great

If you’re thinking of a towel to use in humid climates, travelling, at the gym / yoga or anywhere else it could be a bit hot & sticky or wet then Turkish Cotton is the best!

So if you're going to get a Turkish Towel, come hang out with Tommy...he'll probably be at the beach.


Tommy xx