The Travel Towel You've Been Looking For March 29 2015


What makes the perfect travel towel?

Tommy is a seasoned traveler,
he knows what makes a great travel towel,
read on for Tommy's wise words...
We've all seen those microfiber 'travel towels.'
Tommy doesn't understand how anyone can be seen carrying around one of those (....unless you're hiking Everast / Kilamanajro then maybe...just maybe) come on babe, you're better than that. 
It has to be something vibrant, colorful and stylish 
Nobody wants to carry around a big, heavy, wet towel:
1. It hurts your back
2. It hurts your wallet (we all know how bad those airlines are...Tommy isn't a fan)
Quick Drying
If you're travelling and on the move all the time you can't have a wet towel in you're bag:
1. It makes your other clothes smell
2. It makes your other clothes....wet (obviously)
3. It weighs you down
4. It might make the towel, clothes and bags mouldy!
Don't be a Wet Willy
A tough travel towel is essential for those doing adventurous trips and backpacking, it's going to be in-and-out of bags, getting wet, getting dry, getting sandy, getting dirty (Tommy doesn't mind a little dirt) and having a rough time. 
No point having a towel fall apart just after leaving home!
You never know what you're going to end up doing when travelling. 
You might need a towel which doubles as a sarong which doubles as a cover-up which doubles as a shawl which doubles as a picnic blanket which doubles as a might even need it to double as a fetching turban!
Save time and space and pack something which can do it all (hint*hint* Tommy Towels....)
You always need more room in you bag.
A Clever Claire goes with carry-on (we get that it's easier for us guys but you get the point....)
Save space and get a great travel towel. 
Stays Fresh
If the towel is going in and out of bags (sometimes wet), hostels, under busses, on top of busses, getting sandy, getting dirty etc. it might start to get a little smelly. 
Wet = smelly (see *microfiber towels*)
A great travel towel has to dry quickly and stay fresh.

Tommy Towels, the travel towel you've been looking for...

The Travel Towel
When you're travelling abroad you need a great travel towel. 
You need something lightweight, quick-drying and compact. 
Tommy is 100% Natural Turkish Cotton so he stays fresh & fluffy on your trips abroad.
The Backpacking Towel
Tommy is a great backpacking towel.
Tommy is extremely light-weight and quick drying so you won't be carrying around extra weight and taking up all the room in your backpack. 
The Stylish Towel
We're pretty biased - but we think Tommy is one hell of a stylish towel.
Tommy is the perfect travel beach towel but is also great as a sarong, pareo and a wrap. 
Whether you are at the beach, at the pool or moving around, you'll look good with Tommy.

Next time you're travelling, think of Tommy!

Tommy xx