What Makes the Perfect Beach Towel? March 26 2015

Lets ask Tommy!

Lightweight Beach Towel
Tommy is super light.
300 grams light (10 oz. for you Americans out there).
This makes Tommy the perfect beach towel to carry around on your beach adventures.
He won't weight you down.
This babe knows what I mean.

Quick Drying Beach Towel
Tommy is 100% Natural Turkish Cotton which makes him dry much more quickly than regular cotton
or synthetics used in 'normal' beach towels. No one likes a wet and smelly beach towel.
"Get Wet, Get Dry" is Tommy's motto.
This gal isn't worried about Tommy getting wet. 

Versatile Beach Towel
We already know Tommy is great for drying off and keeping you sand-free.
Get creative, Tommy is a great sarong, head-wrap (see below!), shawl or cover up for the beach. With Tommy's tassels he makes the perfect beach towel.

A Beach Towel For The Whole Family
Tommy doesn't want you to get the wrong impression, he isn't only a women's beach towel. He is a towel for the whole family. Tommy makes the perfect mens beach towel and loves hanging out with the kids (he's soft and cuddly, they love hanging out with Tommy too!) 

When you think of the beach this summer, think of Tommy!

Tommy xx