Hi, I'm Tommy. November 07 2014



I'm the towel you've been looking for...

Tommy is soft, versatile, breathable, absorbent, lightweight and quick drying - and all 100% Natural Turkish Cotton

Tommy is the perfect beach or travel companion...but he’s recently been seen hanging out by the pool and doing yoga

Tommy will be having plenty of competitions and giveaways so follow him on Instagram (@tommytowels) or Facebook (www.facebook.com/tommytowels) to be in the know

MOST IMPORTANTLY, Tommy hates getting slogged with extra shipping fees, so Tommy Towels has Free Shipping Australia wide, for all our customers, whether you buy one towel or ten!

Tommy ages like wine (the expensive sort). The more you use Tommy the softer and more absorbent he becomes. The strength of Turkish cotton and the traditional weaving technique means that Tommy will be your best friend for a very long time 

You might have heard of Tommy before: Tommy is sometimes known as a pestemal or peshtemal - the traditional name for a flat-woven towel used in the Turkish baths (Hammams). Now Tommy is in Australia - just for you